How to Design Portfolio Website Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript - Part 1

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hello guys welcome to today i will talk about how to design a full responsive portfolio website just using html, css and javascript. if you have little bit knowledge about html and css then you will create a full responsive portfolio website by your self after watching this video. 

Tutorial Topic

Portfolio website plays an important role for our successful career. Suppose you want to build your carrer in website designing company or in IT company. Then, when you go for an interview or talk about a job, in most cases it asks if there is a portfolio website?? Portfolio website are needed not only in job but also in other place. Freelancing or Outsourcing also required portfolio website. 

Tutorial Points 

  • This Tutorial is designed for beginners. In this tutorial shows you, how to build a full responsive portfolio website from start to finished by live coding. This tutorial will be very helpful for those who are new to web site designing failed. Because new people or student don't have such an idea to make a project. SO this video tutorial will help them a lots. 

  • If you already have an idea about website designing, this video will be help full to understand .

  • It is good to have a light idea about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

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