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What is Digital Marketing ?? 

Digital Marketing means reaching out to customers digitally. By use of Internet, mobile phone, desktop,blog site,  social media, search engine and youtube etc to reach consumers. At the present time we all use internet. So most of the business use this internet to advertise their products or business on the internet. In the past business man used banners, TV or Radio to promote their products. But those methods were expensive. At present , a business man use the internet to promote their products digitally such as Facebook, Blog, Google search engine, YouTube and many more. And advertising costs are much lower in digital marketing. And it is possible to reach more customers through Facebook, blogs and YouTube.

Types of Digital Marketing

1) Blog or Content Marketing
2) Social Media Marketing
3) YouTube
4) Email Marketing

Blog or Content Marketing

Blog is a platform where you can write about your product and upload it to the internet or you can make money by placing ads of other company on your blog site. 
You can use Blogger
By blogger you can create a blog site for free and on this site you can write about your product or on a specific topics. Also you can earn money by placing ads of different companies. 

Also you can use WordPress for blogging.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks are very important platform for digital marketing. Because at the moment everyone is familiar with social media. And we spent most of the time of day on social media. So a business man easily find the customer from here and the ads reach more people at less cost and in less time.

Some Famous Social Media are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

If you have a Facebook page and 1000 - 2000 visitors are visit every day then you can earn money by promote any company's products on your page.. You can do same thing with other social networks.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a most popular video platform around the world. You may have noticed that
Ads are showing while
 Watching videos on YouTube. The ads may appear at the starting of video. 
 Everyone is benefiting here. Because the person or company who has given the Ads to promote their products to everyone through videos. Their products are reaching million's of customer through Advertising video. And the person who showing the Ads on their Chanel or video will get paid for this Ads. That's mean everyone is benefits.

Email Marketing

Also you can make money from eMail Marketing. Advertisers will give you some Ads and ask to send the details of specific email id. You will get paid for this job. 
Or you can let everyone know about your product by email. The promotion of your product will be free.. 

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