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Marketing mean's promoting something, it could be about a company or a product or a person. At present marketing is divided into two parts. 1) Traditional Marketing or Offline Marketing. 2) Digital Marketing or Online Marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Before we get into Digital Marketing, we need to know about Traditional Marketing. In business marketing means advertising or promoting. And advertising is very important for business improvement. 
In the case of Traditional Marketing, there are some medium for business advertisement. Those mediums are TV, Printing Banners, News Papers, Magazines, Billboard, Telemarketing etc. But these mediums are not related to the internet. That is why Traditional Marketing is also called Offline Marketing. 


Every successful businesses want to reach more customers in less time. But in the case of Traditional Marketing this is not possible, because it's a offline method. And nowadays everyone is connected to the internet. 

And in Traditional Marketing you can't know exactly how many audience have seen your Ads for your company or Product.

Even you don't know exactly how many customers have purchased and used your Products by looking at your Ads.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is also part of traditional Marketing. Because, like Traditional Marketing it is used for Advertisement or Promotion of the company's products. But in the case of Digital Marketing, the medium of Advertisement is fully connected to the internet. and in Digital Marketing, the mediums used for promotions or advertisement are social media,website,Google Search, Email or Gmail and YouTube etc.   
  • Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter
  • Website - Blogger, WordPress and any types of Web Site. 
  • Google Search - Google Search Engine and Google Ads.
  • Email and Gmail - Gmail and any types of mail service
  • YouTube - Google YouTube

Every successful businesses want to reach more costumers in less time. And it is possible through the Digital Marketing. Because nowadays we all use internet and from shopping to booking tickets, talking to friends on social media, Through google search can find unknown information. 

What can we do through Digital Marketing?
 We can do two things through Digital Marketing. 
  1. Promotion of own Business
  2. You can earn money by promoting or advertising any other company's product    

1) Promotion of own business

    Suppose, we have opened a new business. But in order to run the business in a good way, you have to do a little bit of publicity, not only little bit, with more publicity, more people will know. otherwise people will not know that there is a such a business. You can advertise your business by yourself via Facebook, Instagram. LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Ads or Websites. If you promote your own business, you don't have to pay anyone separately for this job. But in this case you need to have an idea about website, Google Ads, Digital Marketing and SEO. 

1) Earn money by promoting or advertise other company's product

If you want to make money through Digital Marketing, there are some things you need to keep in mind. 
First we need to understand how many ways we can earn money through online?

There is Four ways 

1) Sales Physical Item or Goods through online shopping store
2) Make a website and place ads to earn money
3) By Social Media Page ( Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,Pinterest)  
3) By Freelancing  

We discuses  about one by one 

1) Sales Physical Item :- If you have good budget to buy physical item and want to make money online through online shopping site. Like - Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. Then you will go for this options. 

2) Make a Website :- If you do not have the money to run your own business. And if you ant to make money through online from home, then this method will help you lots. 

  1. ) You need to create a blog site. Blogger is published by Google and it's totally free. You don't need to pay single amount of money for this. 
  2. Write about your favorite content which one do you like most. It's could be Technology, Cooking, Politics,  Gym, or about any Product. 
  3. You need to share your post and blogs with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and friends. So that leads to visitors to your site. and visitors play a very important role to making money from online.
  4. You need to make your blog site SEO friendly,so that your site can be easily found on Google. 
  5. Now you can put Ads on your site. If you search on the internet you will find many Ads network that provide us Ads from different companies that we can promote through our blog site. But the best of them is Google AdSense. 

3) Social Media Page :- You can also make money by social media pages. it could be Facebook page, Instagram Profile, LinkedIn Profile, Pinterest etc. How can you get paid ??  There is several way 

        Method - 1

  1. Create a Page on Facebook and try ingress fan follower. Because the more fan followers the more opportunities to earn. 
  2. You can now monetize your content you Facebook.  Thats you can earn money.  But the content must be video,  You can make a video about the content of your blog site and upload it to Facebook. You can also do it on YouTube. 
  3. ads will come to your videos after Facebook criteria are fulfilled and you will get paid at the end of the month.  

        Method - 2

  1. If your social media page is got famous. with the earning of Ads you can also earn directly by promoting other company's product or pages. 

4) Freelancing and Upwork :- You can also make money online by freelancing. In this case client will give you a project. And after complete the project you will get paid. Most of the freelancing work is done with Graphic Design, Web Design, SEO Expert, App Development and  Data analysis.    

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