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Hello guys welcome to Today i will talk about, how to get unlimited traffic on your website through google. If you are a new blogger then you know how difficult it is to get visitors to your website. If visitors do not come to our website, it will be very difficult to rank our site on Google. So today i will explain how you can easily get unlimited traffic from google for your website. And its totally legal and free. 

Method One - Quora 

Quora :

Quora is an American Question and Answer Based website where asked question, answered, followed and edited by internet user. On this website anyone can ask any types of question and another skilled person answers that question. And by reading the answer, visitors are redirected from this site to the respondent's website. That's mean the number of visitors to the site of respondent increased. So first now you need create an account on Quara  website. 

  1. Goto After visit this site, you will show such an interface. 
  2. You will get the option to sign up on the left. now you need signup with gmail or Facebook id.

  • You will see a box like this where there are categories. You need to select at least 10  - 11 categories according to your choice. I have selected Web marketing, digital marketing, advertisement, social media marketing and technology etc You can select as per your choice. Then Click on Next

  • Now you will see a page like this. Some of the categories you saved will show here. Here also you have to tick in 4 - 5 categories. And click on Done


  • Now you will see the home of Quora. On the left will find the questions according to the specific topic. Click on the topic you like and all the questions will be opened. 
  • Clicking on Answer button at the top will show all the categories question together. 
  • You can also scroll down to find the question you like.  

    How to Answer to the Question ?

  • Click on the answer button. 
  • Now you see all the question you have selected. To Answer the question click on answer button. 
  • Write short answers and at the end of the post you have to put your website link. 
  • For Example :- "Hello guys my name is Coding Fox. i am professional seo expert. and i have noticed that you are looking for the answer of optimize PDFs seo. i am here to help you . Read More. 
  • Attach  Your Website link in Read More.
  • When someone click on read more button then they will be redirected on your website. Let's Enjoy

------------Part Two Coming Soon-----------

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